Sunday, 9 September 2012

Super thick digestive smoothie

Super thick digestive smoothie

Hey guys, so this is my super thick digestive smoothie. Has some awesome stuff in it, and you will feel so healthy after! 
This is great for your Skin, energy levels and stomach bowels.


·      250mls Pura tone skim milk or any milk alternative.
·      Two heaped tablespoons of any natural yoghurt of your choice. I used Mundella reduced fat
·      One tablespoon of Stevia Sweet
·      Two heaped teaspoons on Bowel Biotics
·      A generous amount of cinnamon
·      Two tablespoons of Udos oil blend
·      One tablespoon of organic milled flax
·      One cup of spinach
·      One banana
·      5 Strawberries

Wizz together!

This makes two serves or one big one! Which I normally drink:)

It goes super think, so make sure you don’t leave it sitting around for long, this is because of the bowel biotics and milled flax. Drink LOTS of water after! This helps with the Bowel Biotics being effective in flushing your system. 
I will post soon about Bowel biotics (because its awesome!) and the nutritional facts of the ingredients.  Sorry that it takes me so long to write posts.!

Love Gabby xoxo

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