Thursday, 5 July 2012

Protein Pancakes

Ok... Pancake time.
Protein Pancakes obviously.:)
I know there are many who have been patiently waiting for my recipe. And finally after many hit and miss trials, I have found some that i LOVE the taste of, and contains 33 grams of protein,
depending on the products you use, which will vary, so i'll show you what I use. 
This whole batch contains about 400 calories, which considering is amazing and if thats far to many don't eat them:)

This is the egg white powder I use and the Whey protein.:)

So mix one table spoon of Egg white powder which is 10g, equivalent to two and a half egg whites with four and a half table spoons of water or 70mls. Reconstitute the eggs:)

Then Add, two table spoon of Whey protein powder and mix.

Add one tablespoon of stevia sugar or two, depending on how sweet you like things.

Add one heaped tea spoon of coco powder of choice.

Add four slightly heaped tablespoons of gluten free flour or about 35g. 

Add one mashed banana, or two small if they are babies.

Mix together, making sure the consistency looks correct, adding more liquid (water) if you need it, or more flour if it's too runny. Its all in the consistency!

Add blueberries in if you like. 

Heat your pan, not to hot and cook! Make sure they bubble on top before you turn them so you know it won't fall apart when you flip them.

This batch should make 2 large or 3 medium, or one serve:) Depending on how many you like to eat.
Sometimes i can't eat them all and have to share.

There is about >400 average calories in the whole batch
33g protein. It does not include the added yoghurt or fruit in the photos. 

Reconstituted Egg white

Batter. This one does have blueberries in it:)

Cooking, nice golden brown:)


Previous ones. No blueberries added to these and had a slight more coco powder.

 Just some more early morning pancakes.

Enjoy. remember you can adjust the recipe to suit you and whats in your cupboard.

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